Pepper Progress

Pepper Bud


In spring this year along with tomato seeds we also planted pepper seeds, as we love cooking with peppers. Once the seedlings appeared we moved them to larger pots and eventually they were big enough to transfer to the greenhouse. While the tomatoes grew the pepper must have been really tasty because the slugs had nibbled them away to nothing within 2 or three weeks.

So as sometimes happens with growing your own, we had to go back to the start again. We planted seeds again and this time but we didn’t transfer them to the greenhouse, we left them sitting happily on the windowsill in the back hall. We moved them to the floor at the patio door about a month ago when they were too tall to stay on the windowsill. The delicate white blossoms appeared about a week ago and this week we spotted the first teeny tiny pepper buds.

We planted a few chilli pepper seeds too, something we haven’t try to grow before. At the moment they’re just little seedlings but we’re willing them along.

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