Clearing Veg Beds

Tidy Veg beds

So we’ve almost come to the end of the harvesting season, I think the only thing we have left in the ground are a few carrots and leeks. Now is a great time to clear out the veg beds of the old plants that have died back and give the soil a chance before next year. We were out on Saturday morning digging and turning over the soil with help from the little man as usual, and he found a wiggly worm. He announced that he was going to put him in the corner of the bed and cover him up again so the birds wouldn’t eat him.

Once we had the bed ready we¬†started to plant the onion sets we had bought earlier in the week from the local garden centre. We had also intended to get our garlic planted this weekend but the garden centre didn’t have them in yet. We’ve been going to this particular garden centre for the last 4 years and my parents have been going there for much longer so we’re happy to wait until they have the garlic in because we can be sure that they are the best quality.

Do let me know what you’ve been up to in the garden this weekend.

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