Bits and Bobs



During the week the garlic cloves came in at our local garden centre so we picked some up on Saturday morning. So this weekend out the boys went to plant them. Its great to get them into the ground before the first few cold snaps as these help the clove to split and eventually develop into a bulb. You can never have too much garlic I say!

While we they were in the garden they picked the last of the carrots and got quite a range of sizes. Some were definitely well grown while more of them were sweet little one  that are great roasted with butter and a dash of lemon. They did also get one tiny little guy that ended up looking like a strange alien spaceship, that’s the thing with growing your own, always great flavour but a huge variation in shape.

They managed to pick one courgette too, and I wondered how I might cook it up.  In the end I kept it really simple and chopped it up and fried it with some red pepper. I must be on the look out for some good recipes with courgette as my husband tells me we may get one or two more of them in the next couple of weeks.

Let me know if any of you have got some you’d like to share!!


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