Garden Maintenance



This week was taken up with garden maintenance rather than picking or cooking. One of the bigger tasks was to dismantle the greenhouse and get it cleaned, repaired and stored for next spring. The greenhouse we had this year wasn’t the real thing but a frame with a canvas cover so it wasn’t too difficult to dismantle. It did take a bit of time to scrub clean but its a much easier job before storage rather than taking it down next spring and having to begin scrubbing off mould before being able to build it.

We had some wet and windy days this year too so there were five or six rips in the cover that had to be repaired too. Then it was just a case of dismantling the frame a bit like a “Mechano” project in reverse!

We also did a little planting of spring bulbs at the weekend and put down some tulips and snowdrops. One of my favourite flowers is the snowdrop because before any other signs of spring appear, while the trees are still bare and the veg plot looks a little bleak these beautifully delicate flowers appear only a few inches off the ground and give a sense of hope and anticipation for the season to come.


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